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“Distracting Passengers” Student Activity

September 26, 2016

“Distracting Passengers” Student Activity

Set up 6 chairs in 2 rows of 3 to simulate a car.

Assign one student to be the driver, one to be front seat passenger (spouse)

Assign 2 students to be “kids” and if you wish, another to be the family dog.

Instructions to the driver – concentrate on your driving.

Instructions to spouse – chatter non-stop about things you did that day, occasionally turning around to interact with the “kids” or the dog.

Instructions to child #1 – continually try to get the driver to pay attention to you as you just got your report card. (Have cards with either “F” or “A” on them.) When driver ignores you, waive the report card in front of their face.

Instructions to child #2 – sing and bounce around in the back and discuss how your cheer team has a new routine you want to show off. Waive your pom poms in front of both front seat occupants, and yell your cheers.

Instructions for dog – continually try to climb on each child’s lap, and then on front passenger’s lap and finally on driver’s lap, or simulate licking faces.

Instructions for coordinator – Hold up directional traffic signs during the distractions so the driver has to interact. (Sign suggestions: Stop, School Zone, Red Light, Pedestrian Crossing, etc…)

When the driver fails to see the stop sign or other sign in time to react, the coordinator should point out either a crash just occurred, or driver struck and killed a child, pet, etc…

Coordinator to ask what participants learned from the activity, pointing out even talking to a driver can be distracting.

It is good to have some be quiet instead of saying many things, but also intermittently say something shocking like “I’ve been suspended for a week”. This points out even if you are not loud and obnoxious, you can still be a distraction.

Additional suggestion:

Modify the characters in the scenario to demonstrate to teens how friends riding in a vehicle with them can be a distraction.